There is more to live for!

Hello Readers! Wassup? I was thinking today, what is the most forbidding entity of our life? The answer which I had was scary. Apparently, there can be many notions for the same question. The answer, however, that I had was Fear. We are infused with so many good traits but amongst all those good qualities […]

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The Stella Polaris

Hello Readers! Wassup? Ever wondered if you get lost during your trip to one of the deserts in Northern Hemisphere, how will you tell the direction by looking at the stars? Obviously during the night. Or, if the compass on your boat fails how will you make sure that you are heading towards your destination? […]

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Poor of you Number 13!

‘I was travelling to New York from London. I had my flight early in the morning at 6AM. I was a bit late and was running behind the schedule. As soon as I entered the flight and I went on to look for seat 13. 9, 10, 11, 12, 14…? What? Where is 13? That’s […]

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Nature and The Wise Man

Every coin has two sides unless it is Jai’s coin from Sholay. We have been sitting and breaking the couch trying to figure out how to turn the mundane routine into a riveting one during the lockdown period. But, there is some entity of this universe working the whole time trying to repair what has […]

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Fed up with the Fomites

Killing fomite is not an easy option because it is sometimes the external material but also the behaviour of a man. Now if you would search for the fomite, ‘What are fomite?’. Well, the name gives an idea of some deadly virus. But that is not the case. A fomes or fomites is a tangible […]

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